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A community for parrotlet lovers.
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This is a community for people who own parrotlets or are just interested in them. Post pictures of your feathered babies, ask questions, or just share the latest silly antics of your birds.

Of course, there are a few rules which must be followed:

1) If you're posting a large picture or more than one picture, please put it/them behind an LJ CUT so that it doesn't interfere with layouts.

2) Giving advice is wonderful but do it in a positive way. Some people buy pets on impulse, others research a little but not enough, some might have no clue as to how to properly take care of their pet. As frustrating or infuriating as it may be, the best way to help the bird is to keep your cool and point its owner in the right direction. No one should have to feel afraid to ask questions!

3) I'm not sensitive about cussing but some people might be. Please try to keep the language at a PG level. If you post something overly-offensive it will be deleted.

4) Advertising other communities is fine as long as they are related to parrotlets or parrots in general.

5) Have fun!
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