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Parrotlet Cages?

Hey everybody. New to all this so go easy on me.  =)  I'm getting my 1st parrotlet, Rascal,  in the next few weeks (depends on when they can get him on the plane in this heat)   I'm trying to get things ready for him here at home. The biggest thing I'm stumped on is the cage. I've read on different websites that these birds are about 5 inches long yet other websites say that cockatiel size cages are recommended???? That seems contradictory to me. Do they really only get about 5 inches? 

I only plan on having the one parrotlet so I won't need room for another buddy. He's a handfed baby so I plan on having him out of the cage quite a bit. He'll probably just be in there when I have errands to run, at night, or whenever he just feels like being in there. I would think obviously the more space a bird has, the better. Is something like Avian Adventures Nina, or Kings ELT-1818 gonna be about the right size? 

Does anyone have any experience with the Lava Line cages at

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